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Deliver Continuous Business Value through Organizational Alignment

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In high-performing organizations such as Salesforce and Spotify, autonomous product development teams own problems end-to-end—from interacting with customers to delivering engaging digital products. These teams find new ways to solve customer problems by constantly running experiments, using high-speed engineering capabilities to create extremely short customer feedback cycles.

In this report, you’ll explore how leading organizations increase autonomy across teams and services through techniques designed to accelerate product delivery and improve business/IT alignment. With examples and use cases, authors Nick Tune (Salesforce) and Scott Millett ( demonstrate how autonomous teams leverage continuous discovery and delivery to find the best solutions with the highest business value. This report is ideal for engineering executives, CTOs, software architects, and senior engineers.

  • Learn how to align business goals, team boundaries, and software architecture to solve customer problems
  • Create a culture of transparency by articulating strategic decisions throughout the organization
  • Analyze your organization’s problem domains to minimize organizational and technical dependencies
  • Learn techniques for modeling user journeys and business processes in your domains and subdomains
  • Design antifragile systems that respond to changing market conditions and new opportunities
  • Apply successful architectural patterns to avoid couplings in your software and couplings between teams

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Scott Millett

Scott Millett is the Director of IT for Over the last 20 years he has held positions in all aspects of software development from junior developer to development lead, development manager to enterprise architect. He is the author of several development books including Professional Enterprise .NET (Wiley), Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns (Wiley), and Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design (Wiley).

Nick Tune

Nick Tune is a Principal Engineer at Salesforce. He is passionate about delighting users, creating business impacts, and crafting quality software, placing an equal focus on improving both the delivery capabilities and alignment of an organization. He specializes in transformation projects, having worked with a number of organizations in both the public and private sector to achieve continuous delivery and business agility. He is the co-author of Patterns, Principles and Practices of Domain-Driven Design (Wiley), an internationanl conference speaker, and a trainer who helps organizations build a high-alignment, high-speed engineering capability.

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