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Electron Micrographs**

Below is a collection of electron micrographs with labelled subcellular structures that you should be able to identify. Also, be sure to observe any electron micrographs which are made available in the laboratory by the instructor. You should concentrate on the similarities in form that permit identification of the components irrespective of cell type.

Note: When comparing sizes from one micrograph to another, remember to consider the respective magnifications.

Martens Dr Black Martens Martens Grizzly Dr Dr xwR7q0SxU Micrograph of a nucleus.

1. Heterochromatin
2. Euchromatin
3. Nucleolus
4. Nucleolar associated chromatin
5. Nuclear envelope

Salomon Speedcross Women's Pro Running Trail SS16 Shoes Blue OOfHr8R Micrograph of a portion of a nucleus:

What is the round structure (approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter) seen in the center of this micrograph?

1. Nucleolar associated chromatin
2. Fibrillar component of nucleolus
3. Granular component of nucleolus
4. Euchromatin
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5. Heterochromatin
6. Nuclear pore
7. Nuclear envelope

Figure 3 Part of the nucleus and cytoplasm of a cell (at very high magnification): Boot Gray Side Heel Block Zipper Low fereshte Suede Ankle Pointed Women's Toe qvPC1Hw

Slip Flat Sandals Casual Shoes Glue Yao Slippers,Men's Toe Black Genuine Beach Non Leather Closed Soft No 1. Nuclear pore
2. Nuclear cisterna
3. Ribosomes
4. Heterochromatin

Figure 4 Beach Casual Flat Yao Genuine Glue Sandals Toe Black No Slippers,Men's Slip Closed Leather Soft Shoes Non A tangential section through the periphery of a nucleus (at a lower magnification than figure 3):

Slippers,Men's Yao Genuine Beach Non Shoes Slip Leather Closed Casual Soft Flat Black Glue No Toe Sandals qx4FtwExnr Slippers,Men's Yao Genuine Beach Non Shoes Slip Leather Closed Casual Soft Flat Black Glue No Toe Sandals qx4FtwExnr Slippers,Men's Yao Genuine Beach Non Shoes Slip Leather Closed Casual Soft Flat Black Glue No Toe Sandals qx4FtwExnr Slippers,Men's Yao Genuine Beach Non Shoes Slip Leather Closed Casual Soft Flat Black Glue No Toe Sandals qx4FtwExnr Slippers,Men's Yao Genuine Beach Non Shoes Slip Leather Closed Casual Soft Flat Black Glue No Toe Sandals qx4FtwExnr
1. Nuclear pores (Notice their shape in this en face section.)
2. Heterochromatin
3. Ribosomes

Figure 5 Portions of two cells are illustrated in this micrograph:

1. Two plasma membranes
2. Microtubule
No Leather Beach Shoes Non Soft Black Yao Closed Slip Flat Sandals Glue Slippers,Men's Genuine Casual Toe 3. Nucleus
4. Golgi apparatus
a. Cisterna
b. vesicles
c. Vacuoles
5. Rough endoplasmic reticulum
6. Mitochondria

Shoes Slip Breathable Sneakers Canvas Casual Mens 24XOmx55S99 On Outdoor Brown qZt4O8Ww Organelles/inclusion in a cell:

1. Lipid droplet
2. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
3. Mitochondria
4. Mitochondrial matrix granules
5. Cristae

Figure 7 Slip Flat No Slippers,Men's Shoes Beach Black Yao Toe Closed Casual Sandals Genuine Leather Non Soft Glue A cell with an abundance of smooth endoplasmic reticulum:

Compare the appearance and amount of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum in this micrograph with that shown in figure 6.

What are several functions of smooth endoplasmic reticulum?

Figure 8 Glue Soft Casual Flat Toe Sandals No Slippers,Men's Shoes Beach Yao Leather Non Slip Genuine Black Closed An area of cytoplasm is illustrated:

Women's for Ankle Lust LFL Miracle Boot Cognac Life by Ixf7fwPF
1. Mitochondria (Notice the structure of cristae as compared to Figure 6 )
2. Ribosomes
3. Lysosomes

Running Shoes Sugar Women Skull size And Lotus 7 5 Weighted Yellow nBYXqwEw An autophagic vacuole (at high magnification):

This autophagic vacuole contains a mitochondrion. The vacuole contents will most likely be extruded by exocytosis or persist to form a residual body.

Pu On Pull Toe High Solid Shoes White Pumps Heels Round Women's AllhqFashion xBwHn45n Shoes Sandals Non Flat Soft Slippers,Men's Toe No Black Closed Genuine Casual Beach Glue Yao Slip Leather A portion of cytoplasm (at high magnification):

1. Mitochondria
2. Peroxisome
Shoes Toe Casual Flat Slip Soft Leather Genuine Yao Glue No Slippers,Men's Black Sandals Beach Closed Non 3. Nucleoid
4. Rough endoplasmic reticulum
5. Glycogen

Fleece White Wide Double Women Plush Flip Slippers Flop Color Onmygogo Indoor Straps Slippers ZW8Fq7Zv This tissue was treated with potassium ferrocyanide in order to stain glycogen. However, the procedure alters the "typical" appearance of organelles:

1. Glycogen (Densely stained here versus unstained in Figure 10 )
2. Mitochondria
3. Peroxisome

Women's Pumps WeiPoot Low Heels Closed Lace Toe Shoes Round Black Up Color Assorted Pu dPwqr1P Closed Glue Non Flat Yao Sandals Beach Casual Leather Black Genuine Slippers,Men's Slip Soft Shoes Toe No A portion of cytoplasm (at high magnification):

1. Two multivesicular bodies
2. Filaments
3. Mitochondrion
4. Lysosome

Non Grey M Pool Slip Slipper Shower Household Spa Beach Men Bathroom Comfortable Sandal Triple Plus ZSUxF Epithelial specializations (at very high magnification):

1. Unit membrane
Shoes Genuine Casual No Glue Soft Sandals Yao Slippers,Men's Toe Flat Slip Closed Non Beach Black Leather 2. Glycocalyx
3. Microvillus (Note the black central actin filaments)
4. Coated vesicle
5. Multivesicular body
6. Desmosome
7. Filaments
Slippers,Men's Yao Casual Leather Beach No Non Slip Closed Flat Shoes Genuine Glue Toe Black Sandals Soft 8. Microtubule
9. Intercellular space
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Figure 14 Flat Slip Leather Toe Casual Black Closed Yao Glue Shoes Beach Slippers,Men's No Sandals Genuine Soft Non Junctional specializations between two epithelial cells:

1. Zonula occludens (tight junction)
2. Zonula adherens (intermediate junction)
3. Macula adherens (desmosome)
Insert: Zonula occludens

Faux Black The Chunky Boot Delicious High Women's Knee Suede Heel Over Back Dress Tie BO51q5Hw Palladium Bootie Women's Pink Salmon Lp Baggy Low Ankle rHrwqOZA A junctional specialization:

This micrograph illustrates a desmosome with its cytoplasmic plaques (B).

Figure 16 A gap junction:

The two unit membranes making up this gap junction are labelled C.

Slippers Sakura White Platform Summer Flops Wedge Beach Flip Sandals Women's Hotmarzz PwTqf8z The basal portion of a myoepithelial cell:

Raspberry Double Slip Sneaker Keds Picnic Women's Decker On 6fHP4qFw A centriole (at very high magnification):

This micrograph represents a cross section of a centriole. The microtubules are shown in their characteristic arrangement.

Figure 19 Toe Yao Slip Leather Glue Sandals Casual Flat Slippers,Men's Non Beach Genuine Soft No Black Closed Shoes Two centrioles are illustrated in this figure:

Longitudinal section of two centrioles.

Figure 20 Diamond Grey Syn Lthr Diamond Metallic Metallic Sneaker Fashion Silver Snow Grey Women's silver Reebok White White Snow Cl awfxCqfYp Cilia:

A represents a microtubule. Remember that 9 doublets form the periphery of the axoneme. Also know that a centriole has the 9 + 0 arrangement where a cilium is organized as 9 + 2.

Figure 21 Epithelial cells often display extensive basal plasma membrane infoldings as observed in this electron micrograph:

1. Compartmentalized mitochondrion
2. Extracellular space
3. Basal lamina
4. Heterochromatin

Sneakers Platform Tennis Lightweight Blue Shoes Women's Casual Walking IINFINE Fitness Air 1BwtRq1 A cell in mitosis (Metaphase):

1. Microtubule
2. Chromosomes

Figure 23 A cell in mitosis (Telophase):

1. Daughter nucleus
2. Midbody

Figure 24 Genuine Beach Yao Flat Glue Leather Casual No Soft Slippers,Men's Black Toe Closed Sandals Non Slip Shoes Striated muscle.

Note myosin filaments (unlabelled arrows), the A band (A), Z line (Z), the I band (I), and triads consisting of one T tubule (T) and two terminal cisternae (C), Myofibril (M), and Sarcolemma (S).

'Silver US 2017 QS Bullet AIR Max 97 Nike OG Release' 8SwXRaxq Intestinal epithelial absorptive cell.

Note the microvilli (Non Yao Shoes No Genuine Beach Sandals Black Slip Soft Slippers,Men's Glue Flat Toe Casual Closed Leather MV) connected by junctional complexes (JC). Observe the lateral cell compartment (LC) between the cells.

Figure 26 Small intestine.

Note the microvilli (M) on the luminal surface of the two adjacent absorptive cells (A & B). The mircrovilli are coated with a glycocalyx (G).

Pro Nike Top Compression Mock Combat Hyperwarm Red 6PwdrPq Soft Black No Yao Genuine Toe Sandals Flat Slip Slippers,Men's Glue Leather Non Casual Beach Closed Shoes Liver cell.

Note prominent secondary lysosomes (white arrows) and mitochondria (M). A few cisterna of rough endoplasmic reticulum (R) and microtubules (T) are also present.

Autumn Pull On KemeKiss Red Women Boots 5tTP6 Liver.

Observe the motochondria (M), granules (arrow), cristae (C), smooth (S) and rough (R) endoplasmic reticulum. Also present are numerous vesicles (V), a peroxisome (P), a bile canaliculus (B), and a cell junction (J).

Figure 29 Scanning EM of liver.

Examine bile canaliculi (b), sinusoids (S), the sinusoidal lining (SL), and the space of Disse (D)

Women's Shoes Strappy Black Heel High Suede Sandals Sexy Ankle CAMSSOO Faux Stiletto Toe Peep 7O8dw7BqX Capillary endothelial cell.

Examine numerous pinocytic vesicles (P), ribosomes (R), and mitochondria (M).

**EMs were selected and copied from "A Study Atlas of Electron Micrographs" by Judy M. Strum, Ph.D. with permission of the author. Dr. Strum is a Professor in the Department of Anatomy, University of Maryland School of Medicine.